“It's only when reflecting on it that I've noticed I've not had to step outside my comfort zone to do some quite radically different stuff.  Instead, you've simply helped me expand my training-design comfort zone to seemingly limitless proportions.  Blimey, now there's a result.”
Russell-Oliver, Communication Goldmine.

“I would just like to tell you all about a real achievement to day.  I have just done a half day programme titled "Dealing with difficult people" - their title not mine!  This was for a sceptical and questioning bunch but thanks to the BFL approach there were 100% rave reviews!”
Helen, Partner, First Class People and Development.

“I just wanted to say thank you for such a great day yesterday - what a fab way to end the week!  I really did come away feeling very inspired & bursting with things to think about & explore further.”
Sam, Challenge Manager.
“The subject initially sounded dry and complicated so I thought delivering it would test everything that you and Ann had taught me.  It worked really well and I must have been convincing as after the session members of the group wanted to continue the discussion with me and ask for advice and information.  I feel that I could now deliver training on anything and the only thing I wish is that I had done the course years ago.”
Kathy, Borough of Telford and Wrekin.

“If anybody wants to quickly and effectively learn the tools and techniques to give presentations and facilitate groups, I can’t think of a better way than spending a day with Stella & Ann.”
Jim, Career Transition Coach.

“This workshop was recommended and I’m very glad it was. Stella & Ann are great at understanding the delegates’ needs and they delivered – it was 100% perfect.”
Afzal, Group Audit Director, Orbit Housing Group.

“Ann & Stella created a warm and friendly environment enabling the delegates to relax and learn in a fun, non-threatening way. The workshop was well structured, interesting and thought-provoking. It highlighted many ways of running a workshop so that information sticks.”
Helen, Performance Coach.

“Maximising Impact does everything it says on the tin. I feel that I have everything I need to ensure that my communications, on any level, adopt the expectations of my audience and bring my message across effectively and efficiently. I would whole-heartedly recommend this workshop to anyone who interacts with other people.”
Jason, General Manager (Manufacturing & Logistics), Mobisphere Ltd.

“I had high expectations prior to attending this workshop and I was not disappointed. It has given me a much stronger understanding of different learning styles and the tools to create more effective workshops.”
Sally, Business Image Consultant.

“I came away from this workshop, not just with a ‘how to do’ list, but more importantly, a different way of thinking.  This workshop has given me the inspiration and courage to explore different ways of helping people learn.   Now that I understand better how people learn I will be designing successful workshops with something more like ‘conscious competence’.”
Brenda, Director, Leading Service Ltd.

“The tutors created a space for learning that was inspiring, appealing and motivating.  I came away with more than I expected, feeling inspired to put all I have learnt into practice.”
Diana, Education Officer, UNISON.

“Wow! Wow! Wow! When my head has stopped spinning I’ll be putting together some real ‘break the mould’ finance training. Enormous value!”
Neil, Management Accountant.

“I have completely rewritten our Health and Safety course so that it is Brain Friendly. Last year attendance on this course was 400 people – since introducing brain friendly learning, about 3 months ago, attendance is already up to 600! Word of mouth has spread the message that this course is fun, memorable and useful. Senior staff are so pleased with the results that they have given me a pay rise.”
Tracey, Borough of Telford and Wrekin.

“Since we redesigned our programme – part of which included learning how to spot errors – we’ve delivered it in the UK and France and subsequent audits have shown a 50% increase in the ‘failure detection rate’. People now check the procedure more carefully which has resulted in more accurate and successful submissions. Despite none of us speaking French, using brain friendly learning made it much easier for everyone to understand the process.”
Chris and Gail, State Veterinary Service.
“I had very high expectations of this course and they have been exceeded. The tutors modelled superbly the way we would all like to deliver training.”
Marie, L&D manager, Borough of Telford and Wrekin.
“I was delighted with the workshop which fully met all our objectives. As you would expect, it was delivered in a style which was both professional and empathetic, but in my view its success was principally down to careful preparation which included training needs analyses with each individual and the creation of a rich and inspiring learning environment, which was obviously the subject of a lot of thought and effort.”
George, Chief Executive, National Federation of Enterprise Agencies.



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