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December 2010 - Share the Gift of Learning -> is available NOW. Please sign up to access the current ezine.

October 2010 - How to motivate audiences to turn up

August 2010 - Why to be a brain friendly trainer?

July 2010 - Waste time - save time? What do you want to do?

June 2010 - Get down with the kids and play!

May 2010 - How to Avoid Paralysis by Presentation

April 2010 - Boring Environment - Bored Learner?

February 2010 - How to banish PowerPoint!

January 2010 - If music be the food of ... learning!

December 2009 - `Tis the season to save lolly!

November 2009 - Mandatory doesn't Motivate!

October 2009 - Join the Revolution!

September 2009 - Every step you take ...

August 2009 - How to pre-engage your learners

July 2009 - What's your kitbag essentials?

June 2009 - Does what you say stick?

May 2009 - How many times must you repeat yourself?

April 2009 - Brain Friendly Learning - gets results!

March 2009 - To theme or not to theme? It's an important question!

February 2009 - Why co-operation, not competition, works!

January 2009 - Mind your 'sees' and 'views'! A brief guide to effective communication.

December 2008 - Short of ideas? Use the EXPERT™ to solve your problems.

November 2008 - Save time and money on training!

October 2008 - Bring the outside in!

September 2008 - How to Handle Challenge?

August 2008 - Rooms For Improvement!

July 2008 - Improve your memory with our No. 1 Top Tip!



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