Case Studies

Here you can read our case studies with results from a range of clients who provide training in a wide range of topics, including those which are often considered to be 'difficult' or 'dull'. But no more!  Now their training is different, dynamic, fun to attend and memorable!

Applying brain friendly learning to health and safety training - find out how this trainer gets 100% pass rates on his CIEH course.

Applying brain friendly learning to finance training- find out how to get the whole organisation focused on finance.

Case study - results from a Train the Trainer course for a local council covering topics like induction procedures, health and safety, hygiene, care in the community. (first published in TJ magazine)- find out how one trainer managed to reduce accident rates and get herself a pay rise.

Is it important to you that people remember what they've learnt?  Evidence shows that much of what we learn starts to be forgotten very quickly - possibly within 10 minutes.  Read our case study about the Maximising Impact workshop where people consistently remember an average of 75% of what they've learnt.  Facts about Maximising Impact

We will be adding to the list as more are written so come back soon!


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