A Lesson in Learning

Learning - passive absorption or active processing.  Stella Collins and Kitty Gould explain.  (First published as the cover story in TX - the magazine for trainers who deliver CIEH accredited qualifications)

"As a CIEH registered trainer, how did you learn what you teach to other people?  I expect most of it wasn't from lectures or 'death by PowerPoint.'  Those who help others learn often say teaching is the quickest way to learn something because...."

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Anatomy of a Training Environment

Could bad wall displays and air-conditioning be hampering your delegates’ learning potential?  Belinda Cole discovers how to create the perfect meeting environment.

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Paralysis by Presentation

When people are hypnotised their critical faculties are 'switched off'.  Are we in danger of doing just that when we give a presentation?  What's the similarity between presentations and hypnosis, what are the consequences for you and how can you avoid it?   Click here for the full article


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