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ebook - Learning - Begin with the Brain in Mind
ebook 1 -> 'Learning - Begin with the Brain in Mind

 "This charming (utterly brain friendly) little book comes to your brain's rescue! Show it to your brain and promise to do what it says. Your brain will thank you by happily learning much more than ever before!"
(Peter Honey, co-creator of Learning Styles)

ebook - Learning - The Creativity Myth
ebook 2 -> 'Learning - The Creativity Myth'

".... These pearls of wisdom were just one of many great ideas contained within The Creativity Myth ebook produced by Stella Collins and Ann Grindrod"
See the 'Yes and...!' entry in Julies Blog (Julie Noble, Noble HR Solutions)

ebook - Learning - Motivation in just One Minute
ebook 3 -> 'Learning - Motivation in just One Minute'

".... the Acting As If strategy not only motivated me but motivated the workshop attendees. I enjoyed myself, the evaluation sheets were glowing and we had a fun time learning about this 'heavy' topic."
(Jean Kelly, author of 'How to be Bully Proof')

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