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We’re Stella Collins and Ann Grindrod, and we want you to join us in sharing the tools and techniques that we believe make brain friendly learning the most exciting area in learning and development – and we’re not alone in thinking this.

Many organisations and individuals are already enjoying learning, whilst saving time and money, by using brain friendly learning methods; methods we’ve been actively using and refining for ourselves since 2001.

 How much information is really remembered?

Research demonstrates that the amount of information and learning which is retained by individuals deteriorates dramatically within a relatively short time – between 70 – 80% of information can be forgotten quite rapidly. We believe this represents a potentially huge waste of time and money - what cost does it represent in your organisation?

By blending the best of leading learning methods, with our uniquely practical and pragmatic learning tools, we will help you to share information and learning so that it is applied faster and remembered far longer.

We are totally passionate about ensuring you
maximise your return on learning investment!

We believe so wholeheartedly in the results that brain friendly learning brings that we have written a FREE report on the reasons for, and benefits of, using these methods in business.

Use Your Brain - free report


You will find ‘Use Your Brain’ contains invaluable information if you: 

  • Have responsibility for learning and development in your organisation.
  • Are an individual interested in learning, development, coaching, or mentoring.
  • Want to know some of the differences between traditional and brain friendly learning methods, at a glance.
  • Are keen to understand how brain friendly methods impact on the learner, the learning facilitator, and the organisation.
  • Have a need for information about organisations who are actively using these methods to make a bottom-line difference.
  • Want people to consistently say "this is the best learning I've ever had".
  • Are working towards ‘employer of choice’ status through modelling excellence in learning.


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P.S. Using our methods, our audiences are consistently remembering between 50% - 100% of what we share! What difference would that make in your organisation?

P.P.S. If you want to share the first 52 methods we use to achieve these results, click here for details of our MASTER class 1-day workshop, ‘Maximising Impact – 52 Ways to Present Information Powerfully’!


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